Est. 2012

Est. 2012
What is our aim?
We stand for the right to a dignified life.
Old corrupted political elites, irresponsible big business, oligarchs
and people with a low level of political culture slow down the development of our state.

Is it possible for our society to change everything at once?
Not really.

Our prospects are quite cloudy without a proper level of modern education, decent work and a fair distribution of wealth. That is why, without hoping for a miracle, we are forming a new quality and effectiveness of social and political life on our own.
Our team
Moreover, we are
as women make up 65 percent
of our organization
Heeey, fellows
Members of the SD Platform
Ukraine can change.
Ukraine can become better.

To make this possible, we need:

To overcome institutional weakness

We have to remove oligarchs from power and cure the virus of populism

To return offshored money

To make big business pay fair taxes, create conditions for the development of small and medium businesses

To give proper funding to healthcare and education

We have to help socially vulnerable sections of our population and overcome the gap between the rich and the poor
What makes us qualitatively different from the others?
Our goal is welfare society. It can only be built
on the principles of freedom, justice and mutual assistance.
We are against all forms of radicalism and discrimination.

We value our reputation and we do not have
any connections with existing political parties and oligarchs.
Competition is tough, so a bit of fun is needed! :)
Old methods of youth involvement are no longer relevant.
That is why we use the #unhackneyed approach in all our materials, campaigns and skill pump-ups

What are we doing to achieve that?
Informal education
We believe that self-development without social feedback is rather selfish. We do not support this approach. Thus, our activists have an opportunity to get free knowledge and experience from European experts and share it with others. A 30/70 percent ratio of theory and practice is our formula of high-quality skill-building.
Photo space
Our best practice helps to identify the main problems in the political, economic and social spheres as well as possible ways of their solution. This is what we do.
Analytics and positioning
It is very hard to achieve practical results without live communication and real actions. Therefore, we actively involve passionate people from different corners of Ukraine and motivate them to start with local changes at home, in educational institutions, trade unions and enterprises.
We are recognized and have a lot of to say within the walls of the European Parliament. This is crucial in the light of Ukraine's European aspirations.
Who is funding us?
For better or worse, we do not have stable funding.

Therefore, we regularly need to persuade our potential partners (in particular, the Regional Representation of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Ukraine (FES)) in the need to implement our proposals. And this is how the ideas of social democracy can be embodied in real life.

We hope that in the future, thanks to the activists` membership fees and donations of sympathizers, we will be able to partially cater for the needs of ours. However, this is not a question of one day or even a year, because the tradition to donate is still sorely lacking in the political life of Ukraine.
In 10 years, we have actualized dozens of our initiatives.
About 10,000 people from all over Ukraine of different age and social background have taken part in our activities .
More than 2,000 of them have joined our ranks

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